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Terms & Conditions

1. All bookings, cancellations or amendments must be made to the booking office in writing.

2. 60 (sixty ) days prior to arrival at the Lodge, a pre-arrival check may be done by the booking office to secure a preliminary
rooming list and confirmation from the Tour Operator as to the number of the rooms required. Rooms that are not required should
be released.

3. 45 (forty five) days prior to arrival at the Lodge, the Tour Operator has the right to cancel 10% of the rooms being held by the
booking office on that date without any cancellation fee being payable. If however, more than 10% of the rooms are cancelled,
the booking office reserves the right to levy a charge equivalent to the full accommodation rate booked - discounted by 50% for
the full period of the original reservation.

4. The final rooming list must be received by the booking office 30 days prior to arrival at the Lodge.

Applicable to FIT's and groups - the cancellation fees will be as follows:
: 30 - 16 Days prior to arrival 50%
: 15 - 11 Days prior to arrival 75%
: 10 Days or less prior to arrival 100%
: Non arrivals 100%

Agents with credit facilities are still liable for cancellation charges even if they have not received a deposit from their clients.
No-Shows will be charged in full.

5. If the Agent at any time is approached by another Tour Operator who is willing to pay a deposit of 50% of the accommodation
fee in order to secure accommodation that has already been booked, but not yet confirmed, by the first Tour Operator, the
Agent shall give the first Tour Operator the opportunity to either:

5.1. Confirm the reservation, in which case the Tour Operator shall furnish the Agent with a non-refundable deposit of not less
than 50% of the total value of the reservation, such deposit to be received by the Agent and the establishment not later
than 7 days after confirmation of the reservation, or 5.2 To Cancel the reservation without incurring any cancellation fees.

6. Payment for reservations etc. must be received in full by the Lodge not later than 30 days after the departure date of the guests
from the Lodge. If a Tour Operator would like to pay in advance, an invoice must be requested in writing from the booking office.
A direct bank deposit into the bank account of the Lodge is preferred.

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