Namibia uses the Namibian Dollar (N$) this is linked on a one to one exchange with the South African Rand.

The Rand is legal tender in Namibia. But the N$ can not be used in South Africa. N$ can also be changed to Rand without commission in Namibia, but the same transaction in South Africa will attract a fairly hefty commission (about 25%).

If you are wishing to purchase currency before arriving in Namibia, it is easiest to buy Rand as the Namibian Dollar is seldom available in banks outside of Namibia.

To summarize, visit Namibia with Rand in your pocket, and make sure you exchange any N$ you have back to Rand before you leave the country.

Credit cards are accepted at most supermarkets, restaurants and accommodation establishments in urban Namibia (Visa and Mastercard are most commonly accepted) but outlets in rural areas are more likely to only accept cash payment.

Credit cards can NOT be used to buy petrol.

Banks can exchange travellers cheques into N$ but this will attract commission, only a few establishments accept travellers cheque, so its best to cash some travellers cheques whenever you find a bank.

Larger Namibian Hotels will exchange money, but rates are generally not favourable.

Banks are open from 9am-3.30pm on weekdays and from 9am-11am on Saturdays.

Source: The Cardboard Box