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There were an estimated 100,000 cheetahs worldwide in 1900, dropping to around 30,000 by 1975. It is estimated that there are only 10,000 cheetahs remaining in the
world. Namibia's has the world's largest cheetah population with an estimated 3,000 adults.
There are only about 100 cheetahs remaining in Iran - the last of the Asiatic cheetahs.
CCF has become a leader in cheetah censusing and has helped develop active research programmes in there cheetah range countries.

(All activities are subject to animal’s and visitor's safety as well as weather conditions!)

General Tour
Includes a walking tour of our main facility as well as our Educational Centre, Museum, Clinic Tour and an introduction to the Cheetahs, Dogs and Livestock that live at our
main centre.
This also includes the feeding of the Cheetahs at 14:00 weekdays and 12:00 on weekends.


Cheetah Run
Experience the exercising and running of our Cheetahs up close as they chase our lure system. (Must be 16 yrs and older to be able to enter the run area)


Bellebeno Cheetah Safari Drive
View cheetahs in their natural habitat after a drive through CCF's Bellebenno game camp. This activity is subject to availability. Minimum of 4 pax required.


Cheetah Drive
Take a drive into an enclosure at our Main Centre to meet our female cheetahs and have an opportunity to take some great photos.


Cheetah Exclusive
Spend some time with one of CCF's cheetah ambassadors whilst being accompanied by a CCF personal guide and researcher for the day.


Little Serengeti
Take a drive to our very large, open savannah area. This is an ideal spot for game viewing with the backdrop of the magnificent Waterberg Plateau to complete the picture.


Cheetah Café & Curio Shop
Enjoy the view and a delicious breakfast, lunch, or dessert at our Cheetah Café, or visit our Gift Shop for beautiful cheetah items and African crafts
(Group lunches available for 6+ people - Please reserve at least one week in advance)

How to get there (suggested route)
From Otjiwarongo, follow the road D2440 to reach CCF. About 45 mns-1 hour drive from Otjiwarongo.

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