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On these cruises you will visit the Walvis Bay Harbour, Bird Island which is a breeding ground for a variety of sea birds and some of Namibia's famous oyster farms.
The knowledgeable and experienced skippers will ensure that you have an unforgettable trip with Laramon Tours.

Laramon boasts with 2 beautiful motorised catamarans:
- Libertina - is a 14 x 8m Shuttleworth that can seat up to 55 people. However we prefer not to load more than
70% of its capacity. This ensures that all the clients have more than enough room to move around and enjoy the
trip. The Libertina has 2 on-board toilets.
- Laramon - is a 12 x 5m Supercat. It has 28 seats. Again we only try to load more than 70% of its capacity.
Laramon also has an on-board toilet.

10 Reasons why Laramon Tours are the right choice:

1.   Laramon Tours has a private pier where tourists can sit and enjoy a coffee before boarding the boats or catamaran for a marine cruise.
2.   Laramon Tours has two motorized catamarans that can accommodate up to 60 people, with lots of walk around space.
3.   Both the catamarans have a fly bridge with seating, which allows for 360' viewing and is high enough to view the famous bird platform from above; perfect for photographs
      of dolphin, seal and birds.
4.   Both the catamarans have roll down windows to provide shelter on windy days around Walvis Bay and Swakopmund.
5.   Both the catamarans have easy access to the front trampoline to allow for better viewing of the dolphins that swim in front of the boat.
6.   Motorized catamarans can go into 0,7m deep water. Therefore we are able to cover the whole bay and lagoon, of which 15% is only 1m deep, where dolphins swim and
      flamingos wade in the shallow water.
7.   Motorized catamarans are designed to cruise at slow speeds, but are also fast enough to take you to any excitement that might happen in the bay or ocean near Walvis Bay
      and Swakopmund.
8.   Laramon Tours catamarans have enough space for wheelchairs to move freely.
9.   Catamarans are wider, which means less boat movement, therefore reducing seasickness.
10. Laramon Tours offer transport between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, free of charge for small groups and individuals.

Laramon Tours also offer
- Sandwhich Harbour Trips
- Lunches on the beach

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