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Desert Tracks specializes in giving its guests a special experience into the Namib Desert. Whether it is just a 4x4 trip into Sandwich Harbor, or a 1 night sleepover in the dunes – we want to give you the best possible experience while sharing our love for the Namib Desert.

Our tours were tailored made for the traveler who wants to experience the world’s oldest desert & highest sand dunes, dune driving, adrenaline rushes, unique fauna and flora and desert camping under the stars.

Tours Offered:
Full Day Sandwich Harbor 4x4 Tour:
Sandwich harbor is about 50 km south of Walvis bay where the Namib Desert meets the ocean.
You will be picked up at your guesthouse.
First Stop – Walvis Bay Lagoon.
From there we will drive to a view point overlooking one of the biggest man made salt pans in Africa, if not the world.
On our trip we will hopefully see rare species such as the Dune Lark.
After driving through a couple of natural saltpans experiencing on sunny days spectacular mirages, we will reach the point where the Namib desert meets the Atlantic ocean.
We can only enter Sandwich Harbor at low tide.
During the day we will enjoy a relaxing Lunch.
After lunch we will have a thrilling joyride in the dunes heading back to Walfish bay and drop you of at your lodge.

Desert Sleepover – 1 night, 2 days
This is a unique adventure taking place in the vast sand sea of the Namib desert south of Walfish Bay - offering the ultimate challenge thrill seekers with off road endurance and taste of adventure.
We will stop for lunch on our way to the Sandwich harbor campsite where we will be spending the night under the desert sky.
When we arrive at the campsite , we will drive down to Sandwich Harbor to experience a true Namibian Sundowner at the beach while the camp is being set up.
Back at the campsite we will enjoy dinner.
After breakfast we make our way back.
From Sandwich the trail enterers the roller coaster, a series massive "roaring" slip faces not only giving you a new thrilling experience but offering breathtaking views of Sandwich harbor and a panorama of Sandscapes.
The trail ends at Walvis Bay at approximately noon.


Find us at Kristal Gallery, No.5, Swakopmund.


Desert Tracks in conjunction with Uri Adventures


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