Batis Birding Safaris : Swakopmund - Erongo Region                                                                                                          

We offer full day and half day excursions to search for the only endemic species within the country, the dune adapted Dune Lark as well as other near-endemics such as Gray's Lark, Benguela Long-billed Lark, Rüppell's Korhaan, the coastal form of Tractrac Chat and Herero Chat.

Besides the birding, the Namib offers a huge diversity of arid adapted reptiles, scorpions and insects.
Batis is the only company presently offering night excursions into the gravel plains of the Namib to search for spiders, scorpions and geckos which are only active at night.
The Batis guides are trained in the general ecology of the desert and special care is taken to protect and keep the sensitive eco system intact.
Day tours offered from Swakopmund will normally be short distances and seldom be longer than 200km, however, should there be a request for species such as Benguela Long-billed Lark or Herero Chat, a distance up to 450km may be covered.
The Namib Desert and its uniquely arid adapted fauna and flora offers excellent photographic opportunities and you will discover that there is a lot more to the Namib Desert than the vast open plains and Dune Sea.


Full Day Tours:
   - Brandberg Birding & Eco Tour
   - Spitzkoppe Birding & Eco Tour
   - Swakop Eco Dune Tour / Rocky Desert Combo

Half Day Birding Tours:
   - Swakop River Birding & Eco Tours
   - Dune Lark / Kuiseb Dunes & Walvis Lagoon Birding & Eco Tours
   - Gray’s Lark & Coastal Wetland Birding & Eco Tours

Half Day Desert Tours:
   - Swakop Eco Dune Tour (Living Desert)
   - Rocky Desert Tour (Moon Landscape / Welwitschias)

   - Dune Walk
   - Night Walk
   - Night Walk Combo

   - There are minimum pax required with all activities. Please enquire upon reservation
   - Transfers from your hotel / guesthouse are FOC for all activities – except the night walks
   - Transfers can be arranged from your hotel / guest house at additional cost for the night walks

How to get there (suggested route)
From Windhoek, 10km before Swakopmund on the B1, turn left towards Rossmund Golf Resort and follow the markers.
From Swakopmund, drive towards Windhoek on the B1, turn right towards Rossmund Golf Resort and follow the markers.

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